Countdown to Your Move
4 Weeks To Go:

  • Tour your house, including the attic, garage, storage shed and decide which items should be discarded or donated to charity.
  • Contact Moving Home Made Easy and request an accurate quotation of your moving charges.
  • Begin to use up frozen food. Buy only what will be used before moving.
  • Make your travel reservations for the trip – airline, hotel, rental car.
  • Arrange for transfer of personal records, e.g. doctor, dentist, etc.
3 Weeks To Go:

  • Arrange for transportation of pets, including kennels.
  • Contact family and friends with your removal date and new address.
  • Start preparing your plants for the move.
  • Return library books and other borrowed items.
  • Dispose of flammables – paint, matches, pressure cans, cleaning fluids, etc.
2 Weeks To Go:

  • Draw up a floor plan of your new home and indicate furniture placement. It makes moving in twice as easy.
  • Set a date with a reliable service firm to prepare your appliances – washer, dryer, etc. for moving.
  • Start packing if you have planned to do some of it yourself.
  • Arrange for a baby sitter for moving day.
  • Plan to discontinue utilities, deliver service etc.
1 Week To Go:

  • Prepare car for trip. Finish packing all suitcases and basic essentials. Carry valuable documents, currency, and jewellery with you.
  • Drain water from garden hose and oil/fuel from power mower and other machinery.
  • Defrost and wipe dry fridge and freezer.
  • Take down curtain rods, shelves and items permanently attached.
  • Prepare a list of first minute items you will need upon arrival at your new home.
On Moving Day
The Day Before Moving

  • Loosen screws, tracks, tacks etc. from carpets etc.
  • Prepare plants for moving.
  • Take down electrical fittings e.g. wall clocks, heaters etc.
  • Take down any fixtures e.g. towel rails, etc.
  • Disconnect washing machine and bolt down washing machine drum and refrigerator motor if necessary.
Morning of Moving Day

  • Keep pets out of the way in a safe place (animals not allowed to travel on the van except by special arrangement).
  • Collect together small valuables and personal documents and convey these yourself.
  • Keep coats and articles you want to take with you personally to one side in a box clearly marked DO NOT REMOVE.
  • Strip beds and fold bedding in plastic sacks.
During the Move

  • Keep children out of the way.
  • Give each room a final clean as it is cleared (keep cleaning materials in a box marked LOAD LAST.
  • Pack a large box with items you will need as soon as you arrive, e.g. kettle, cups, tools, snacks.
  • Put wardrobe keys etc. in key bags and keep safe.
Before Leaving the Old House

  • Be sure van driver has your new address, directions and key if necessary.
  • Check windows are closed and doors locked.
  • If new owner is not arriving same day, turn off water, gas and electricity.
  • Take Gas and Electricity meter readings.
  • Check no item has been left that shouldn’t be.
  • Hand over the keys.
Don't Forget To

  • House insurance
  • Bank/building society
  • Medical/dental/optician
  • School/nursery
  • Credit card company
  • TV Licence
  • Veterinary records

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Post Office
  • Inland Revenue
  • Council Tax
  • DVLA/Car insurance
  • Health club

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Telephone
  • Sky/Cable TV
  • Mail order subscription
  • Garden maintenance

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