Price Guide

We have a wide range of high quality packing materials available to buy.

Parcel Tape

£2.00 each

Tape Dispenser

£5.00 each

Fragile Tape

£3.00 each

Packing Paper

£12.00 per 5kg ream


Packing paper for wrapping china, crockery and glass or any other items that require protection.

Bubble Wrap

£12.00 per 100m


Bubble wrap is ideal for ornaments, pictures and mirrors or general packing. Supplied in 300mm wide rolls.

Picture Cartons

£2.50 each


Precious pictures and artwork can be protected with our individual picture cartons.

Small Box

£1.50 each


L 18” x W 18” x H 13”

For books, DVD’s, etc.

Medium Box

£2.50 each


L 18” x W 18” x H 20”

For DVD players, printers, etc.

Large Box

£3.00 each


L 18” x W 18” x H 30”

For quilts, cushions, curtains, etc.

Suction Bags

£2.50 each


Our suction bags are ideal for storage or easy transportation.

Wardrobe Boxes

£8.00 each


Wardrobe boxes makes moving clothing on hangers hassle free.

Pet Carrier

£4.50 each


Specialist pet carrier box allows your pet to travel in style on move day.

2/3 Seat Cover

£4.00 each


Sofa and armchair covers provide maximum protection for transit and particularly advantageous if the weather is wet on removal day.

Single Chair Cover

£3.00 each

Double Mattress Cover

£3.00 each


These thick heavy duty plastic covers will prevent your mattresses becoming scuffed or marked.

Plastic Floor Protection

£17.50 25m x 600mm


Our plastic floor protection is especially useful when a carpet is light in colour or if it is likely to be subject to heavy foot traffic such as a house move.