1. Start Planning as Early as Possible

Summer is typically the busiest season for movers, with many families taking advantage of the school holidays to relocate before the start of the school year. If you have your mind set on moving during the summer, then we highly recommend that you begin your preparation as far in advance as possible.

Decide on a move date as soon as you can, as it will be very difficult to organise anything else until you know exactly when you’ll be moving. Once you’ve chosen your date, apply for quotes from different removal companies; the earlier you begin, the better the chance of being able to secure your desired date. Having your date confirmed with a removal company will also remove a lot of the stress, letting you focus on other things.

Plan in advance for moving over summer

2. Make child arrangements

Since it’s the middle of the Summer, school will be finished meaning that your kids will likely be hanging around the house.

We recommend organising for a friend or family member to watch them if possible, as seeing everything being taken away could unsettle them, and they may hinder the work of the removal men. If you can’t organise for somebody else to look after them, then you may want to keep them in a dedicated room for as much of the process as possible and ask the removal men to work on that room last.

Make arrangements for children

3. Consider what can and cannot be transported

Transporting your belongings in a van in hot weather is less than ideal, so you may want to think about different ways of transporting some of your goods. If you intend to take fridge or freezer items with you, you will definitely need to invest in a cooler bag or box (if you don’t already have one) to keep them cool during transit.

Also note that items such as paints and flammables are not permitted to be carried in the removal van so be sure to exclude these from carriage.

Pain tins

4. Keep cool

Okay, we understand that this is Britain, so there’s a good chance that it might not be roasting, but it’s important to be prepared regardless. Staying hydrated is very important, especially since you will likely be fairly stressed, so remember to have water on hand at all times.

It is probably also a good idea to bring portable fans with you, as the journey might get quite stuffy.

If you have any pets, you should think about them too. You don’t want them overheating during the moving process, so make sure they have enough fresh air and water if they are being transported in a vehicle.

Keep hydrated

5. Sort out your bills

There’s nothing worse than having no air conditioning in the middle of Summer! Make sure you inform your utility provider of your move, and get gas and electricity sorted for your new home before you move in.

sort out utility bills

6. Relax

Remember, Summer should be a time to chill out, so try your best to forget about the move and take the opportunity to relax and enjoy spending time outside in the sun.


There you have it! We hope this guide comes in handy if you are planning to move house this Summer.

If you want any more advice regarding your move, or would like to get in touch about our 5-star home moving services, get in contact with us or apply for a quote here.