The Benefits of Running a Moving Home Made Easy Franchise


If you are looking to open your own business, there are several benefits of owning a franchise over starting from scratch. Here are some of the benefits which come with running your own Moving Home Made Easy franchise:

Easy to run

This business is straightforward to run and could be operated by anyone from a complete beginner to a seasoned professional with extensive managerial experience in the removal industry. All you need is the desire and drive to succeed.

A healthy work / life balance

Due to the flexible nature of this business, trading can be carried out as a single-man operation or a multinational operation with a structured management system. This means that you can work hours which suit you.

Low start-up costs

Initial start-up costs are relatively low, with an affordable outlay for vehicles, staff, uniforms, insurance, and marketing literature.

Premises are optional

This business can be run to suit your individual circumstances, as it does not require a physical head office. Operating this business is possible from your home, virtual office, a storage warehouse, or even high street shop, as our cloud-based systems allow for complete location flexibility.

Low running and operational costs

The ongoing running and operating costs are low due to naturally low fixed costs, minimal staffing and low advertising costs. Overheads remain consistently low all year round, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of peak seasons.

Discretionary staff employment

With this business model, staff employment is more discretionary than obligatory. The number of staff you employ will depend on the size of your business and your aspirations.

Regional developer opportunities

With our mixed territories, regional developers and master franchise opportunities, we offer the perfect solution for franchisees who wish to expand beyond their initial allocated area.

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