Page 6 - Moving Day Made Easy (Apr 2019)
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                       TASK                              NOTES                    ACTIONED         BY WHOM

          Parking for removal vehicle
          Payment method for removal company

          Childcare arranged

          Pets moving arranged

          Freezer Contents
          Collect Valuables and personal
          items to carry on person

         SURVIVAL KIT (Things you will need for move day)

                       ITEMS                                      NOTES                          KEPT ASIDE

          Baby Foods / Nappies

          Essential Medicines / Toiletries

          Hand Soap / Toilet Roll

          Weatherproof Clothing / Towels

          Light bulbs / Torch / Matches / Candles

          Tool Kit, Plugs & Fuses

          Electrical Type Screwdriver

          Snacks, plastic plates

          Tea, coffee, sugar & kettle

          Forks, Knives & Spoons

          Salt & Pepper

          Mobile / Laptop Charger

          Pen / Paper

          Cheque Book / Credit Cards / Monies

          Vacuum Hoover

          Cleaning Equipment

          We hope our easy to use move planner helps in your move day preparations.

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