Challenges Homeowners Face When Moving House And How To Overcome Them

Posted by Moving Home Made Easy

There is no denying that moving house can be stressful and many homeowners agree that one of the most stressful parts of the whole process is moving day. Loading a removal van, getting your keys and unpacking your belongings doesn’t always go smoothly and you may have to overcome a few obstacles before you can fully relax in your new home. 

Lots of homeowners face the same challenges when they’re moving house and knowing about these in advance can help you to prevent them from disrupting your move. So, to help anyone currently planning a house move, below we have looked into some of the most common challenges homeowners face and the easiest ways to overcome them. 

Local removal companies being fully booked 

Some times of the year are busier than others for removal companies and if you’re moving during the summer months, you may struggle to find a removal company with availability to help you. To prevent any hassle when you’re booking removal services, make sure you book as far in advance as possible. As soon as you have a move date agreed, contact your local removal company and get your date in their diary. 

It’s worth noting that at Moving Home Made Easy, we won’t charge you if your move date unexpectedly changes. We will simply move your booking to your new date, so you don’t need to worry about booking too far in advance with us. 

Belongings getting damaged in transit 

Whether you’re moving around the corner or around the globe, there is a chance your belongings will get damaged during your move, especially if you don’t pack properly. To ensure everything makes it from A to B in one piece, it’s always worthwhile booking packing services. Not only will a team of professional packers know the best ways to pack your belongings to keep them safe, but they will use high-quality packing materials too and this can significantly reduce the likelihood of things getting damaged in transit. 

Running behind on moving day 

Time often flies by on moving day and because you have so much to do, it’s really easy to fall behind on your moving schedule. To help you stay on track, you should try to do as much as you can in advance of your move, this will enable you to focus on essential tasks on moving day. It can be really useful to book your removal services for the morning too, even if you’re not likely to get your keys until the afternoon. You can then pack the removal van and ensure you’re ready to go whenever the solicitor calls. 

Furniture not fitting through doorways 

So many homeowners experience issues when they start moving their furniture on moving day. In addition to being awkward and heavy to carry, bulky pieces of furniture might not fit through your doorways and this can cause all sorts of problems. To ensure loading your removal van is straightforward, measure your furniture in advance of moving day. You will then have time to dismantle anything that won’t fit through your doorways. It can also be useful to pre-plan your routes for bulky pieces of furniture. 

Moving costs being more than expected 

It isn’t uncommon for homeowners to end up paying more than what they were quoted for their house move and usually, this is because they add extra items during their move. To ensure your removal quote is as accurate as possible, it’s beneficial to request a home visit from a removal company. Always show the move manager everything you want to be moved during this visit, this will help to prevent additional expenses. If you want to try and reduce the cost of your move, declutter before you get a quote from a removal company.

Booking removal services in Scotland

Hopefully, now you know more about the common challenges homeowners face when moving house, you can ensure you’re planning ahead and avoiding issues on moving day. Should you require the assistance of an experienced company to help make your move as stress-free as possible, be sure to get in touch with us at Moving Home Made Easy. 

We provide a range of moving, packing and storage services, and you can have complete peace of mind when you book us to help you knowing our team is trained to the highest industry standards. We are passionate about providing exemplary house removal services and we are very proud of our reviews from homeowners we’ve helped in the past. We look forward to assisting you with removal services in Scotland. 

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