Choosing The Best Removal Service For Your National House Move

Posted by Moving Home Made Easy

Any house move can be stressful, but the further away you’re moving, the more stressful things become. Not only can moving away from family and friends be daunting, but the process of arranging a national house move can be more complicated too. It’s highly recommended that you book an experienced removal company when you’re planning an across-country move. They can provide you with the comprehensive assistance you need, helping you to get all of your belongings from A to B without any hassle. 

At Moving Home Made Easy, we offer a range of removal services that are designed to help homeowners who are moving locally, nationally and internationally. If you’re planning a national house move, there are a couple of main services to choose from. To help you decide what’s best for your national move, below we have looked into our moving services in more detail. 

What removal services are available?

If you’re moving across the country, there are two removal services to consider; 

Special run

This service is tailored specifically to your requirements and you can choose both the load and delivery dates. If you need your belongings to be delivered on the same day as your move, this can be arranged or if it’s more convenient, they can be delivered the day after your move. 

Mutually agreed dates

Instead of booking specific dates for your move, with this service, the load will be uplifted and delivered at a mutually agreed time that’s suitable for both parties. Often, your belongings will be kept in storage until it is financially viable for the removal company to deliver them to you. 

Which removal service should you book?

Both of these services are beneficial for different reasons and several factors will influence which is best to book for your national house move. Generally speaking, the special run service is the most popular choice as it provides you with more control over when your belongings are going to be collected and delivered. So, you can work to your move schedule and arrange the removal services for a time that best suits you. 

The special run service is more expensive though and the biggest benefit of the mutually agreed dates service is how cost-effective it is. Since the dates are less specific and the load will be collected and delivered on a date that also suits the removal company, you won’t have to pay as much for the service, making it a great solution if you have a tight budget for your removal services. 

Which service is right for you is often dependent on how urgently you require your belongings. If you’re not moving straight into your new home and you don’t necessarily need everything to be delivered straight away, the mutually agreed dates service could work well. However, if you need your belongings to be delivered straight away so you can start settling into your new home, then the special run service will likely be more suitable. 

It’s beneficial to speak to our removal experts about both of these services in more detail, they can help you to determine which will be best for your individual circumstances. They can also provide you with a quote for each of these two options, enabling you to directly compare them before deciding which you would like to book. 

Planning your national house removals

If you have any questions about the moving services mentioned above, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team at Moving Home Made Easy. We will be happy to provide you with any additional information you need and regardless of which service you decide is most suitable, we have the expertise and knowledge required to ensure your national move is stress-free. 

Here at Moving Home Made Easy, our network of local and national movers enables us to uplift and deliver full households from anywhere in the UK. We pride ourselves on providing a reliable and flexible national removal service, and our team will go above and beyond to assist you with your house move. Customer satisfaction is incredibly important to us and we are dedicated to meeting your needs from your first enquiry to the last box being delivered. To find out more about our removal and storage services, feel free to explore the rest of our website today. 


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