Choosing the Right Agent


Selling your home can seem like a massive undertaking, however you can reduce the stress by making sure you ask lots of questions and plan well.

One of the most important choices you have to make is which Estate Agent to use.  Of course, you could also decide to sell it yourself using one of the many dedicated websites.

Some of the services you will be offered by an estate agent are:

  • Free visit and valuation of your home.
  • Preparing property marketing literature
  • Promoting your property: online on the company’s website or in a local newspaper and also sending your property details to prospective buyers.
  • Accompanying buyers on house viewings.
  • Providing offers from buyers in writing.
  • Negotiating with buyers.

They may also provide you with additional services, such as:

  • A preference for accompanied property viewings, which will save you the trouble.
  • Adding floor plans or online video tours of your property.
  • Committing to advertising your property every week in their local office window and/or local newspaper.
  • Property review meetings and online tracking systems, so you can check on viewings and buyer feedback.
  • A (free) “sales progression” service, via someone at the agent’s office rather than a call centre. This can save you a lot of time as they help to liaise between the buyers, sellers and other parties involved in the purchase/sale.

When you home goes on the market, please remember to contact us for a free moving quote.

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