Common mistakes to avoid when moving home

Posted by David Reed

Moving home is a stressful experience, and there are a number of major mistakes which are often made during the process. These mistakes can lead to a host of complications and make the move even more of a headache.

We’ve made a list of some of the most common mistakes to avoid when relocating.

  • Leaving everything too late

Procrastination affects us all, but you should try your best to beat the temptation keep putting it off and begin preparing for your move.

People often underestimate just quite how long it will take to pack up their belongings; don’t be one of them! The earlier you start, the better, but we typically recommend that you begin packing at least 2 to 3 weeks before move day; this should give you plenty of time to go through all of your old things and decide what you’re bringing with you and what is getting thrown out.

  • You try to DIY

You might think that hiring a van and asking your friends or family to help move your stuff will save you a ton of cash, but some things are worth paying for. DIY-ing some moves can make sense financially, but trying to move home without professional assistance will only lead to even more stress. Depending on the distance you’re moving and how much stuff you’re bringing with you, but you will almost certainly be better off hiring a professional moving company.

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  • Not packing a survival kit

A survival kit, with regards to moving, is a small box containing all of the things which you will need on move day and your first night in your new home, and you will carry it on you at all times. This will include things such as your toothbrush, snacks, some teabags, toilet role and some dog treats (if necessary).

  • Not labelling the boxes

Forgetting to label or your boxes will only lead to problems when you get to your new home as you’ll have no idea where each box should go.

We recommend colour coordinating each box with a corresponding room or just sticking on a label with what is contained in that box and where it should go. This will save both you and the removal men a lot of time.

  • Forgetting to make plans for your children

As much as you love your kids, organising for a friend or family member to watch them on move day is probably best. Not only is seeing their things being carried away likely to cause them anxiety, but they might be a hindrance to the removal process. If you can’t have someone else look after them on the day of the move, try to keep them in one specific room for as much of the process as possible, and ask the removal men to work on that room last.


Hopefully this article helps you to avoid the most common home moving mistakes which we see. If you have any questions, feel free to get in contact with us here.

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