Comparing Removal Company Quotes

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When booking a removal firm to assist you on moving day, it is likely that you will get a few quotes from different companies to ensure that you’re getting the best deal for the moving services that you need. However, you do need to be careful when directly comparing the removal quotes that you receive. Opting for the cheapest quote in an attempt to save money isn’t always the best thing to do. 

As you may expect, different companies price their removal services in different ways and looking at the final figures alone can result in you making a costly mistake. So, to help homeowners ensure that they’re keeping their removal costs down, below is some useful information to take into consideration when choosing a house removal company to book. 

The services being provided 

Generally speaking, the more services you require, the more expensive your quote will be. So, if your quote includes packing services, for example, you shouldn’t compare it to a quote that is solely for removal services. Ensure that you check what is included in the services that you’re being quoted for too, you may find that some are cheaper because they are more basic. 

The items you’re moving 

removal company quotesMore often than not, the removal company quote that you receive will be based on the size of your property or the number and size of the items you’re needing to move. However, this quoted price isn’t necessarily the final price that you pay on the day. You may find that if you’ve underestimated the amount you have to move and additional items are added on moving day, your removal costs will increase. So, make sure you’re not being under-quoted. 

The number of movers helping 

You may find that different removal companies have different sized removal teams and it is always worthwhile checking how much help you will be getting on moving day. A move manager should be able to inform you of the size of the team you will have helping with your home removals and some quotes might be more expensive because they include more movers. 

The dismantling and reassembly of furniture 

It isn’t uncommon for removal company quotes to differ depending on whether you require professional dismantling and reassembly of your pieces of furniture too. If you have specifically requested this service, it will have been costed and included within your quote, however, if it isn’t included in all of your quotes, they might seem significantly different. Always double-check whether this service is included or not before comparing.  

The packing materials included 

The majority of the time when you book packing services, the cost of them will be inclusive of all required packing materials, yet for standard removal services, packing materials will be an additional cost. Make sure you’re looking at the removal company quotes to find out whether the necessary packing supplies are included and how much extra they will cost if they’re not. 

The insurance cover 

It can be really easy to overlook, but you need to ensure that you’re taking into consideration insurance cover when comparing quotes. All removal companies should be up-front and honest about insurance cover and it is incredibly important to ensure that you have something in place. Often, you can either arrange your own insurance or a removal company can arrange this for you, so be sure to enquire about the costs associated with this. 

Getting some removal company quotes 

If you’re currently comparing the quotes provided to you by different removal firms, hopefully, the information above will be useful. Baring these different points in mind when you’re deciding which company to book can help you ensure that you’re not paying more than you should be when moving house and that you’re also not stung with an unexpected bill after your move. 

When you’re getting different removal company quotes, feel free to contact our friendly team here at Moving Home Made Easy. We will gladly provide you with a transparent quote for the moving services that you need and you won’t have to worry about any nasty surprises when you book our team to help you on moving day. You can find out more about the different ways you can get a quote on our website, but if you have any questions at all, feel free to get in touch today, we’re always happy to help.  

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