Don’t Forget These Important Steps When Moving House

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The lead-up to a house move can be very overwhelming and there is so much to do to ensure you’re ready for moving day. There are endless decisions to make, from choosing what to keep to which removal company to use, and there is so much to remember. It’s no surprise that homeowners will often forget a few important steps when they’re moving home and this can make moving day even more stressful. 

With many years of experience helping people move into new homes, at Moving Home Made Easy we have seen lots of homeowners experience the same problems with their move. So, to help you ensure you’re fully prepared for moving day, below we have put together a list of common things people forget to do when they’re moving house. 

Notify Utility Providers

Whenever you’re moving home, you need to contact your utility providers, such as electric, gas and internet providers. Whether you want to transfer your services to your new house or cancel your services and use a new company, you should do this in advance of your move. This will prevent you from paying for utilities that you’re not using in your old house and it will also ensure you have everything you need set up in your new home on moving day. Now is a great time to shop around and make sure you’re getting the best deals on your utilities too. 

Get Plenty of Packing Materials

Quality packing materials are essential when you’re moving home and they will help to prevent your belongings from getting damaged during your move. However, you will probably need more cardboard boxes, rolls of tape and sheets of packing paper than you initially think. Start gathering a selection of packing materials a few weeks before your move and make sure you have plenty of things to use whilst packing your belongings. 

Label all Cardboard Boxes 

When you’re stocking up on packing materials, don’t forget to purchase some marker pens. We can’t stress enough how beneficial it is to clearly label your cardboard boxes with a description of their contents and the room they belong in. This can make moving day much easier and the removal team will know exactly where the boxes need to be put in your new home. 

An extra tip is to label any bags that you use for screws and bolts from pieces of furniture you have dismantled. Make sure you’re putting anything you’ve taken off the furniture into one bag and then writing on this bag which piece of furniture it belongs to. This can make the process of reassembling furniture in your new home so much easier. 

Arrange Suitable Insurance 

Even if you book a professional removal company and their team of experienced movers are very careful on moving day, there is still a chance that something may get broken and you need to have suitable insurance in place to protect your belongings. It’s beneficial to speak to your removal company about insurance before moving day and ask a few questions about the cover they provide. You can then arrange any additional policies if they’re required. 

Change your Address

This can be easy to overlook when you’re planning several other things during the lead-up to your move, but if you don’t change your address, your post will continue to go to your old house. Try and contact the companies that usually send you letters and make them aware that you’re moving house. If you can’t update your address with every company, you have the option to redirect your post to your new home, but there is a cost associated with doing so. 

Buy a Selection of Cleaning Products 

Cleaning products are a must-have on moving day and you will probably need to clean your new house before you start unpacking. It’s beneficial to have a selection of cleaning products in an easy-to-access box, this way you can start cleaning each room whilst the removal team is working on other things. Think carefully about which cleaning products you buy and opt for solutions that are quick and easy to use, and also fast-drying. 

Looking for a Local Removal Company in East Kilbride?

When you remember to do everything mentioned above, you can ensure that your house move is straightforward and hassle-free. If you want to hire a reputable and reliable moving company to transport your items safely on moving day, our team at Moving Home Made Easy is here to help. As a known and trusted removal company in East Kilbride, you will be in very good hands with our experienced moving team. 

We pride ourselves on our first-class removal services and we can provide comprehensive support when you’re moving house. You can book our removal services in confidence knowing that customer satisfaction is very important to us and we will go above and beyond to expertly manage the collection, transportation and delivery of your belongings. Contact us today to find out more about the removal services we offer. 


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