Fake Customer Reviews

Things to know about online reviews and choosing a mover

At Moving Home Made Easy we believe consumers deserve honesty, transparency and protection from FAKE REVIEWS when viewing a service or product on Googles platform or any other online platform.

Presently fake reviewers are  more in control of any BUSINESSES  REPUTATION more than the business owner or owners.

In essence what the public thinks is a reflection of a companies reputation may or may not be true and accurate.

This is partly  because  currently Google does not require a user to IDENTIFY THEMSELVES or be VERIFIED as a genuine person in any way  when leaving feedback on their search engine. but still allows anyone to comment on a product or service they claim to have purchased or used, be it falsely or genuinely.

In other words there is an open market with freedom for consumers to be deceived by anyone and businesses to be harmfully and fraudulently defamed courtesy of GOOGLES REVIEWS USER POLICIES and Ito put it bluntly FAILINGS AND INADEQUACIES.

We believe that when FAKE REVIEWS are wrong on many levels including morally and legally.

We believe that consumers deserve to know what is genuine and what is fake when it comes to viewing a PRODUCT  or SERVICE online.

We hope the helpful information on this page gives some clarity and transparency for home movers when deciding and choosing a REMOVAL COMPANY  to take them to their new home.

Meanwhile we will continue to prove our service is a UNIQUE 5 STAR SERVICE  and continue to build our excellent reputation around the great work we do for our  VALUED HOME MOVERS

Facts about fake reviews

1) Fake reviewers normally don’t respond to their post when a business challenges it online and questions details of the move they are falsely claiming happened

2) Fake reviews are normally hidden behind an easy to set up G-Mail account

3) Fake reviewers often only complete one review under their alias account on line name

4) Fake reviews often sound fake and are horror stories to inflict the most damage to the reputation of their target

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