Tightly Run Management

There is no need for expensive office staff and sales estimators, with the right product, straight forward systems and our guidance you can run your business so that you benefit first and foremost with additional staff being a matter of choice and not a necessity.

Low Overheads

It is common knowledge that high overheads can cripple any business especially in a downturn or seasonal business such as the removals and storage market. Keeping costs down is a key principle and aid to grow and maintain market sustainability.

Effective Sales and Marketing

The key to effective sales and marketing is to keep your sales as high as possible while keeping your overheads to minimum. Just the same as overheads should be kept as low as possible, profitable sales should be kept as high as achievable. No one wants to be over burdened with low quality work when good quality profitable transactions can be realised by our clever and proven marketing strategies.

Maximising Productivity Through Ease Of Use

We realise that to maximise productivity in today’s removal and storage our businesses require to be user friendly, “ease of use” is of paramount importance to our franchisees and the running of their business.

Strength in Diversification

Most of today’s business, whether it be service or production based, require to have a competitive edge and the removal and storage industry is no different- our franchisees are also able to diversify into other markets linked to home movers.  This allows customers to further benefit from our first class moving service with our franchisees maximising profitable income.

  • Storage
  • DIY Moving
  • Packing Materials
  • Home Cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Rubbish removal

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