Good Communication


The Secret to a Good Move is Good Communication

At Moving Home Made Easy we intend for your home move to be easy.

Unfortunately, problems do sometimes happen.  Although these are normally caused by outside influences, such as late completion, delays with the contracts, or even simply people being away on holiday, any potential move day setbacks can be minimized by having better communication between yourself and:

  • Your solicitor.
  • Your estate agent.
  • The buyer of your new home.

By making sure that all parties involved know what’s going on, you could avoid many of today’s moving hassles. We strongly advise that you make sure the period between your exchange of contracts and the completion date is as long as possible.

  • Try to have at least 3 to 4 weeks between exchange of contracts and your completion date.
  • Ask your chosen mover when they expect to complete loading of your home.
  • Inform your estate agent, solicitor and buyer of the time you expect to vacate your present home.
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