How Long Does a House Move Take?

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Whether you are moving down the street or across the country, planning for a house move can be an overwhelming experience. From packing your belongings to finding the right moving company, there are several steps to successfully manage your move. Taking the time to plan ahead can help make moving day much smoother and less stressful, and it’s beneficial to ensure that you’re prepared for whatever your move might bring. 

One question we’re commonly asked by people booking removal services is ‘how long does a house move take?’. This is a difficult question to answer as several factors will impact the time it takes to move all of your belongings from one house to another, including; the size of your existing property and the location of your new home. On average, a house move can take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days and below we have looked into some of the different moving day tasks that will impact how long your house move takes. 

Packing Your Belongings 

It isn’t uncommon for homeowners to start packing their belongings a couple of weeks before moving day. Packing in advance can help to prevent moving day from feeling rushed and chaotic, and you can ensure that everything is ready to be loaded onto the removal van. 

If you don’t have time to pack your belongings and you’re worried about getting everything done before moving day, it’s beneficial to look into packing services. Some removal firms will provide full packing services and furniture dismantling services. They will turn up at your home with a range of packing materials on the morning of your move. This comprehensive service can take some of the pressure off your shoulders during the lead-up to your house move.  

Loading the Removal Van 

Often, one of the most time-consuming tasks on moving day is loading the removal van. This is especially true if you only hire a van and you attempt to move everything yourself. When you book a removal company and have a team of professionals on hand to help you, it will take much less time to load all of your belongings onto the removal van. 

Manoeuvring heavy and bulky furniture can be a challenge, but a team of experienced movers will know the best ways to navigate door frames and hallways. They will also know the best ways to load everything onto the removal van to ensure there is space for all of your belongings. 

Travelling From A to B 

Lots of homeowners will forget to take into consideration travelling time when they’re planning their house move. Do some research into how long the drive is from A to B as well as the best route for a removal van to take. If you hire a local removal company, they may be able to provide you with some advice in this regard too. Should your move be across the country, you need to consider whether you should stop overnight somewhere as well. 

Cleaning Your New House

Generally speaking, people will clean their properties before they move out and when you arrive at your new house, it should already be fairly clean. However, you may need to do some light cleaning before you start unloading the removal van and unpacking your belongings. Cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, for example, is something that you might want to do and you should take this into account when creating a timeline for moving day. 

Unpacking Your Belongings 

Once you’ve arrived at your new home, you will need to unload the removal van and start unpacking your boxes. Not everyone decides to unpack everything on moving day and some will only unpack the essentials they need for their first night. Depending on when you arrive at your new property, you might not have the time or the energy to unpack and you may choose to spread this task out over the coming days instead. 

Some removal companies will also offer unpacking services and if you’re keen to get everything unpacked on moving day, these can be very useful. A removal team can help you to unpack your boxes and start settling into your new home much more quickly. 

Get House Move Company Quotes Online 

Hopefully, you will now know more about the factors that impact the time it takes to move into your new home. Should you be trying to find a professional removal team to assist you with your move, be sure to get in touch with us at Moving Home Made Easy. We provide a selection of house removal services and we can support you every step of the way with your move. 

When comparing quotes from removal companies, we will happily provide you with a bespoke quote too. You can get a removal quote online or we can arrange a home visit with one of our move managers who can answer any questions you may have about removal costs. 


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