Important Things To Double-Check When Getting Removal Quotes

Posted by Moving Home Made Easy

There are so many benefits to booking a removal company to help you with your house move. You can guarantee that having a team of experts on hand to assist you on moving day will make the whole process as hassle-free as possible and many homeowners will agree that removal services are always a worthwhile expense. 

When it comes to booking a removal company, you may find the quotes you receive differ quite considerably from one company to another. Unfortunately, not all removal quotes will be transparent and if you simply book the cheapest company, there is a chance you will have additional fees to pay on moving day. So, to help prevent any nasty and expensive surprises, below is a list of important things to double-check when you get removal quotes. 

What is actually included in the quote 

Not all removal companies include the same things in their quote. It is very rare for a company to provide an ‘all-inclusive’ quote and there will likely be additional charges to take into consideration. Generally, you can expect to have to pay extra for things such as; dismantling furniture, disconnecting electrical items and disposing of unwanted items. If you’re ever unsure what’s actually included in the quote you’re given, ask a company to break it down for you. 

What packing materials you will receive  

Lots of reputable companies will include some packing materials in their removal quotes. You can usually expect things such as cardboard boxes, tape and bubble wrap to be included, however, you will only get a certain amount of each. Often, quality companies will provide carpet protection and furniture protection for your move as well, and this will be covered in the quote you receive, but it’s best to double-check what’s actually included. 

If you require specific packing materials or packing services, it’s best to ask a removal company for a price list or a separate quote for these to prevent any confusion. 

Whether insurance is included in the quote 

It goes without saying that it’s so important to have suitable insurance in place for your move. Some removal companies will include a certain amount of cover within your removal quote and others will require you to pay extra for the insurance that you need on moving day. When you’re enquiring about the cost of required insurance, always ask about the excess should you have to make a claim as well, this can sometimes be really expensive. 

If there are any additional fees for delays

Things don’t always go to plan on moving day and if there is a delay with the transfer of keys, some removal companies will charge you for this. Often, reputable companies will provide you with a grace period before you have to pay a fee for the delay. It is always beneficial to have a couple of hours of waiting free of charge and this can take some of the pressure off on moving day. Of course, it can make your move much cheaper if something was to go wrong too. 

Whether you will be charged for cancellations 

You will usually have to pay for removal services a few days prior to the move date and it isn’t common to pay on completion. For this reason, it is crucial to check whether you will be charged if there is an unexpected moving date change or your move is cancelled altogether. Being able to rearrange your move free of charge is always preferable and it can prevent you from wasting your money, but not all removal companies offer this. 

Getting house removal quotes

To prevent any nasty surprises on moving day, it is always important to double-check everything mentioned above when you get a removal quote from a removals company. If you’re currently comparing a few quotes from different companies for your house move, make sure you get a quote from the Moving Home Made Easy team. 

We will gladly provide you with a comprehensive quote for the removal services you require and we can assure you there won’t be any hidden costs to worry about. We always make sure the highest levels of customer service and customer care is placed on every move we carry out, and you won’t be disappointed when you enlist our help for your house move. Contact us today if you have any questions about getting a house removal quote from our expert team. 


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