Five easy ways to make your rental feel like a home

Posted by David Reed

Five easy ways to make your rental feel like a home


People often think that, just because they’re renting their current residence, that stops them from making it feel like “home”.




In this post we have 5 things you can do to create that ‘homely’ feel in your rental home.



  • Check with your landlord



Before anything, check with your landlord just so you’re clear on what you can, and cannot, do to the property. You’ll also want to get permission (in writing) before you do anything. Keep in mind, though, landlords are typically looking for tenants to stay in their property for a long period of time, and if that means allowing the tenant to make 



  • Frame your artwork



This one is super simple yet makes all the difference. Let’s be honest, nothing says “temporary” like artwork that has been tacked to the walls, or even no artwork at all. Take the time to frame your favourite pieces and you’ll instantly give the place a more polished, permanent feel. 



  • Lighten the place up



Mirrors are a major key to increasing natural lighting in your place, and well as making it feel more spacious and homely. Lamps, too, when unlit can play a role as a feature and help to create a certain mood in the home, adding to the overall feeling.



  • Plants



No outside space? No issue!


A great option to jazz up your place and add to that “homely” feel is to get creative with the use of greenery indoors.


Potted palms, cacti, terrariums and even mini trees are all potential new additions to your home and its vibe.



  • Think flooring



Whether your place is fitted with floorboards or a tired carpet, never underestimate the difference a nice big rug can make (i.e. what it can hide!), with very little effort.


The best part? You get to take it with you to your new place when/if you eventually move on, helping you make that place feel even more homely, too!



So that’s it. Our top 5 ideas for making your rented pad feel like a proper home.


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Aside from that, we hope you’ve found this useful, and put it to good use!

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