Moving Guide

There are many steps you need to take prior to your move. Here, Moving Home Made Easy will guide you through what you need to do and when to do it. To make the best use of your time and make your move easier, we have created this moving timeline that allows you to plan an organised move – and check off each task as you complete it.

Countdown to Your Move

4 Weeks To Go

  • Tour your home, including attic, garage and shed – decide which items, if any, should be discarded or donated to charity.
  • Contact Moving Home Made Easy to request an accurate quotation of your moving charges.
  • Start to reduce amount of frozen food. Buy only what will be used before moving.
  • Make your travel reservations for the trip – airline, hotel, rental car.
  • Arrange for transfer of personal records e.g. doctor, dentist etc. Contact Post Office to arrange mail redirection.

3 Weeks To Go

  • Arrange for transportation of pets, including booking kennel / cattery if needed.
  • Inform family and friends of your removal date and new address.
  • Start preparing outdoor plants for the move.
  • Return library books and any other borrowed items.
  • Dispose of flammables such as old paint, matches, aerosols with flammable propellent, cleaning fluids, butane gas, etc.

2 Weeks To Go

  • Draw up a floor plan of your new home and indicate furniture placement – this makes moving in twice as easy.
  • Set a date with a reliable service firm to prepare your appliances – cooker, washer, dryer, etc. for moving.
  • Start packing if you plan to do some or all of it yourself.
  • Arrange for childcare for moving day.
  • Plan to discontinue / transfer utilities, delivery services, etc.

1 Week To Go

  • Prepare car for journey. Finish packing all suitcases and basic essentials. Carry valuable documents, currency and jewellery with you.
  • Drain water from garden hose and oil/fuel from power mower and other machinery.
  • Defrost and wipe dry fridge and freezer.
  • Take down curtain rods, shelves and other fixtures and fittings that are to be moved.
  • Prepare a list of items you’ll need immediately upon arrival at your new home.

The Day Before Moving

  • Loosen screws, gripper tracks, tacks etc. from carpets if these are moving.
  • Complete the preparation of outdoor plants for moving. Arrange own transport for hazardous items such as barbecue gas cylinders, flammable paint and liquids, etc.
  • Disconnect and take down electrical fixtures e.g. ceiling and wall lights, towel rails, heaters etc.
  • If parking is restricted, please ask neighbours to ensure their cars are parked to allow our van access to your property.
  • Disconnect washing machine and secure drum and refrigerator motor if necessary.

Moving Day

The Morning

  • Keep pets out of the way in a safe place (animals are not allowed to travel on the van except by special arrangement).
  • Collect together small valuables and personal documents and take these yourself.
  • Keep coats and articles you want to take with you personally to one side in a box clearly marked do not remove.
  • Strip beds and fold bedding in plastic sacks.

During The Move

  • Keep children out of the way.
  • Give each room a final clean as it is cleared (keep cleaning materials in a box marked load last.
  • Pack a large box with items you will need as soon as you arrive, e.g. kettle, cups, tools, snacks.
  • Put wardrobe keys etc. in key bags and keep safe.

Before Leaving

  • Be sure our driver has your mobile numbers, new address, directions and key if necessary.
  • Check windows are closed and doors locked.
  • If new owner is not arriving same day, turn off water, gas and electricity.
  • Take gas and electricity meter readings.
  • Check no item has been left that shouldn’t be.
  • Hand over the keys.

Don't Forget


  • House insurance
  • Bank/building society
  • Medical/dental/optician
  • School/nursery
  • Credit card company
  • TV Licence
  • Veterinary records


  • Friends
  • Family
  • Post Office
  • Inland Revenue
  • Council Tax
  • DVLA/Car insurance
  • Health club


  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Telephone
  • Sky/Cable TV
  • Mail order subscription
  • Garden maintenance

Our staff would be delighted to send you a personalised quote for packing

Our staff would be delighted to send you a personalised quote for your removal

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