Failing to secure your home can leave it at risk to burglars while you’re away enjoying your holiday. With the Summer almost here, we thought it would be useful to make a blog post about the best precautions to take to protect your home during your time away.

Ask a neighbour

A good way to keep your home safe while your away is to have a neighbour, friend or nearby family member keep an eye on your property.

You may also want to ask them to pop in every so often to appear as though the house isn’t unoccupied and water any plants you have. This won’t just keep them healthy until you return but will also prevent them appearing wilted which could be an indication of an absent owner.

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Stay off social media

It’s best to hold off posting about your holiday until after you have returned. Yes, we’re sure your friends will love the pictures of you on the beach, but you never know who may be looking through your Facebook or Instagram feed to identify your home as a target.

Staying off social media for a while will probably also do you good; it will let you take full advantage of your time away and properly recharge.

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Use smart security technology

Home devices such as a smart security camera can be set up in your home and have features such as infrared recording, face recognition, two-way communication (meaning you could potentially speak to a burglar) and you can control all of this through your smartphone.

It may also be a good idea to invest in smart lighting, as you can have the lights in your house turned on and off at different times throughout the day to appear as though you are home.

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Stop all deliveries

If you have things such as newspapers or milk delivered on a regular basis, it would be a good idea to have all deliveries temporarily stopped until you return.

A pile of items outside your front door is one of the biggest giveaways that a house is vacant.

Inform your alarm company

If you have a security system for your home, you should have a friend or family member setup with access and the keyholder information. This will mean that they will be notified if the alarm were to go off and would able to deactivate it if it were to go off accidently.

You should also test your alarm prior to departing to ensure that it is still working correctly.

Consider hiring a house of pet sitter

If you’re leaving your pet behind or don’t like the thought of leaving your home empty, you could hire someone to live in your house while you’re away. If you aren’t fortunate enough to have a relative or know a friend who’d be willing to do this for you, there are a number of house-sitting and pet-sitting websites which can put you in touch with someone reliable.

This method of keeping your home safe may not necessarily be the cheapest, but it is likely the most effective.

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