Why You Should Buy a Franchise Instead of Starting From Scratch

If you want to own a business, you have two options. You could either start your own from scratch, or buy an established business and become a franchisee. Buying a franchise is a popular choice for entrepreneurs due the benefits that come with it. Not only does it allow you to have all the perks of being an entrepreneur, but you get access to the resources of a bigger company. Here are some of the reasons why opening a franchise might just be the right path for you.

Ongoing Support

Franchisors, especially those who are successful, typically have robust support systems in place. From in-house personnel offering round-the-clock support over the phone or online, to field reps that make support visits, the support you will receive as a franchisee will make all the difference, especially in the early stages.

Moreover, the support will always be there, which will help you later on when you’re trying to grow your business.

Marketing & brand awareness

Buying into a franchise means you will already have an established brand reputation, and won’t have to work as hard to get your company’s name out there. This also means that people will be familiar with your brand, and customers will already be seeking out your products and services.

Additionally, the franchisor should have a marketing strategy for you to follow, they will supply graphics and marketing material templates, and you’ll be able to reap the benefits of their marketing campaigns.


Franchisors will often provide you with extensive training in every aspect of the business, such as how to manage a business, hire and train employees, market your product or service, keep the books, etc. Not only will this teach you everything you need to know in order to be successful in your industry, but it will help you to avoid many of the rookie mistakes you’re bound to make if you start from scratch.

Proven system in place

When you buy a franchise, you’re buying a system with a proven business model, or as some people call it: a business in a box. Franchises have an established method of doing business in place that, if followed correctly, will likely lead to success. This means you do not have to re-invent the wheel, and eliminates much of the guesswork and risk you would face when starting your own business from scratch.

Higher likelihood of success

All of the factors we have mentioned mean that you have a much higher chance of succeeding. Buying a franchise is different to starting your own business, as you are being given a business model which has already proven to be successful. So, all you need to do follow the system the franchisor has put in place, and you should be on your way to running a successful business.

If you are looking to run business and are impressed by the numerous benefits which come with owning a franchise, you can learn more about our franchising opportunities here.

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