The Advantages Of Using Self-Storage Units

Posted by Moving Home Made Easy

cardboard boxes stacked by open door of self storage unit

There are various different reasons why people might need to use a storage facility, whether they’re moving house or renovating a room, and being able to store your belongings somewhere else can be really useful. Nowadays, there are a number of different storage solutions available to choose from too, so there is a convenient solution for everyone. 

Generally speaking, one of the most popular storage options for both homeowners and business owners alike is self-storage units and these are the first choice for many who need to store their belongings somewhere off-site. Thankfully, lots of removal and storage companies offer self-storage units these days and there will likely be a suitable storage facility near to you. If you’re not really sure what self-storage units are and you’d like to know more about the benefits of this particular solution, keep reading today. 

What are self-storage units?

Simply put, self-storage units are units in storage facilities that you’re able to rent. These units vary in size, from 20 square feet to upwards of 200 square feet. When renting a self-storage unit, you will be the only key holder of the unit and it will be a completely private storage space. You will have access to the unit whenever you need to, within opening hours, and you can move your belongings in and out of the unit as you please. 

Why are self-storage units a popular storage solution?

When compared to alternatives like container storage, self-storage is much more sought-after for reasons such as;

You can access your stored belongings whenever you want

One of the biggest advantages of self-storage is that you have frequent access to your belongings. You can visit the storage unit as many times a day as you like and you can take any of your belongings out of the storage space when you need them. 

The storage units are safe and secure 

The vast majority of storage facilities are protected by state of the art security systems and they have 24/7 monitored CCTV. So, you can have complete peace of mind when leaving your belongings in the storage unit. Often, only authorised personnel will have access to a storage facility too and it is highly unlikely that your belongings will be stolen or damaged. 

You can store a range of items in the storage space 

When renting a self-storage unit, you can store whatever you need in this space as long as it’s in line with the storage facility’s rules. From small household items that you can put into boxes to big pieces of furniture, you will be able to store everything in the same place. 

The storage units come in various sizes

As mentioned above, self-storage units come in a range of different sizes and whether you need a small unit or something much larger, it is likely that a storage facility will be able to accommodate your needs. If you’re unsure how much space you need, a removal and storage company will be able to offer advice and help you choose a suitably sized unit to rent. 

You can rent the storage units for as long as you need

This type of storage solution can be rented for both short and long periods of time. Generally, the minimum rental period will be one week, so you won’t have to sign a lengthy contract. If you require the unit on a long term basis, many will offer a loyalty discount too.

The facility can help with moving belongings

More often than not, removal and storage companies will gladly assist you should you need moving services when putting your belongings into storage. They will be able to send a professional removals team to move everything from your home to the storage unit. Often, they can even provide you with the packing materials you need as well. 

Using a local removal and storage company 

All in all, it is easy to see why self-storage units are so popular amongst those who are looking for convenient storage solutions. They really are a brilliant choice whether you’re needing to store boxes of clothes and shoes or pieces of furniture, and it is definitely worthwhile looking into the self-storage units in your local area. 

Should you be searching for a removal and storage company that provides self-storage units nearby, contact Moving Home Made Easy today. We offer a wide range of flexible storage options, from wooden containers and self-storage units to external containers, and we have a solution available to suit all client’s requirements. If you need any advice or guidance when it comes to choosing the best storage solution for your belongings, our team will gladly assist, so feel free to get in touch. 

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