Ways To Make Your Commercial Relocation Less Stressful

Posted by Moving Home Made Easy

For lots of companies, moving premises is something that they try to do as infrequently as possible and they will only relocate if they absolutely have to. There is no denying that no matter what industry sector you fall under or whether you rent or own your current building, moving elsewhere is a lot of hassle and it takes careful planning and preparation to ensure that things go smoothly and the relocation causes as little disruption as possible. 

It is likely that when you’re planning a commercial relocation, you will look for different ways that you can make the move easier for yourself, especially if you’re still trying to juggle day-to-day working activities alongside the move. Thankfully, there are a few things that you can do to make this complicated process slightly less stressful and moving business premises can be easier for everyone if you; 

Start the planning process as soon as possible 

As soon as you know that you’re going to be relocating, make sure that you start planning. The more time you can give yourself the better and the less stressful the next few months/weeks will be. Make a list of everything that you need to do before you move, breaking things down into small tasks, you can then use this to ensure that nothing important gets overlooked. 

Get your employees involved with the move 

Of course, you should keep all of your employees updated with the move plans, but they can also be really helpful when it comes to moving day too. Requesting that employees remove personal items from the building and asking them to pack up their work belongings themselves can give you one less thing to do yourself. They will likely be more than happy to help too. 

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Hire a professional commercial removals company 

It goes without saying that one of the best things you can do for any commercial move is call in a team of experts. Working with a professional removals company, whether you just use their removal services or you use their packing services too, will take a lot of pressure off your shoulders. So, find an experienced company that you can rely on to help with the move. 

Ensure that you have a clear layout for the new building 

Putting together a layout for your new commercial premises will make moving day much less chaotic. This will help to ensure that any boxes or pieces of furniture that are moved to the new building are put in the right place ready to be unpacked. Ensure that everyone working on the move is familiar with this layout and have some printed versions dotted around the building too. 

Delegate jobs to other members of staff

Whenever possible, make use of your management team and their skills. Not only can they take on some of your workload whilst you’re planning the move but they can help with the relocation too. Having a core team of employees working alongside you and your commercial removals move manager is the best way to ensure that moving day is as organised as possible. 

Clearly label everything you pack 

This is one of the easiest yet most effective ways to ensure that relocating isn’t more stressful than it has to be. Taking the time to clearly label your boxes and any pieces of furniture will ensure that they’re put in the correct places in the new building. This will prevent a lot of unnecessary hassle when you’re unpacking and it will stop things from getting lost too. 

Finding a commercial removals company 

It is fair to say that a commercial relocation is a lot more work than moving house and it is so important to ensure that you plan everything in advance in an attempt to make moving day as straightforward as possible. Hopefully, the information above will be beneficial in this regard and you can ensure that you’re not making things harder for yourself whether you’re moving just down the road or across the country. 

When you’re searching for a commercial removal company that can assist you with an upcoming relocation, feel free to contact us here at Moving Home Made Easy. We pride ourselves on making it stress and hassle-free for people to move from one property to another and we have a range of moving services that will be beneficial to you. Our removals team are incredibly experienced and you can have complete peace of mind when you choose us to help with your commercial relocation. 

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