5 Star Moving – What is it and How is it Different to a Standard Move?


Here at Moving Home Made Easy, we’re always going on about “5 Star Moving”; the service we’ve been offering to home movers for decades.


So, we thought it was time we outlined on our blog exactly what 5 Star Moving is, and what makes it different from a standard home move with your average removal company.


To put it simply, 5 Star Moving is the unique way that Moving Home Made Easy guides you through your home moving experience.


With 5 Star Moving you will receive the highest level of service and customer care. We truly go above and beyond in every possible way. Here’s how:


Your Own Dedicated Move Manager


Need some moving advice or a roll of tape at the weekend? You’ll have your own personal move manager on hand to support you throughout your move process.


This means that, no matter what issues, worries or questions that come up prior to (or during) your move, you have your dedicated expert to help you through the entire process.


Pretty cool, eh?


All Risks Insurance Cover


While we always take great care when handling your belongings, they will be covered by up to £100,000 of insurance for goods whilst in transit and in storage. In addition, our public liability insurance provides cover while we are in your home.


Moving Home Starter Pack


The secret of a good move is good planning and preparation. 

We provide our home movers with comprehensive and easy to follow guide to planning and moving home.


Your Possessions are Protected


We take special care to protect your belongings while they are being moved and will wrap sofas, mattresses, furniture, and other items in specialist wrappings and blankets.


Carpet Protection


Specialist floor protectors are used for your present and new home ensuring your carpets stay the way we found them throughout the moving process.


Start Loading Before Your Move-Day


Moving can be made more manageable and easier when part or fully loaded the day before move day – we can either load all the day prior to move day or part load and leave you with the items you need like beds, sofas, tv’s etc and load these early on move day morning.


Free Bed Dismantling and Reassembly


5 Star movers don’t need to dismantle or reassemble beds – our skilled team of movers can do this to allow you to deal with other matters.


Post-Move Repositioning


For a period of 7 days after the move our skilled movers will be available to return to your home and re-position any furniture you require moving.


Packing Materials Collected


Once you’ve unpacked, we can uplift your unwanted cardboard boxes and packing materials that we supplied. There’s no rush though. It’s at your convenience.


No Key Exchange Delay Charges


Our 5 Star service means that even if there are move-day key exchange delays, we will simply wait and unload once you have your keys.


No Move-Day Date Change Charges


If you need to change your move day due to delays in concluding the paper work, then simply let us know and we will re-arrange a date. There will be no surcharges for any move day date change.


Complimentary Packing Materials


We provide a FREE supply of packing materials to get you started with your packing, to make the process a lot simpler for you. Additional materials can also be purchased if required. 


Temporary Warehouse Space for New Furniture


Our 5 Star Service enables you to have new furniture purchases delivered to our warehouse for temporary storage before you move into your new home. When your moving day arrives, we will simply deliver them to your new home.


ALL of this comes as standard with a Moving Home Made Easy 5 Star Move!


And on top of this, we also offer additional professional services which are available if you choose:


  • Packing Service


Our team of professional staff will carefully pack your posessions, ensuring all items are appropriately protected while being transported.


  • Move-day Cleaning


You need not worry about leaving your home in a clean condition, simply choose our move day cleaning service and save a lot of time and trouble.


  • Unpacking Service


Get back to normal more quickly by using our professional packers to help unpack your boxes.


Hopefully this post has made clear the additional customer care and service you receive with a 5 Star Move as opposed to a regular home move.


If you have any additional questions, feel free to get in touch with us at m.me/movinghomemadeeasy


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