Top Tips For Moving Furniture Into Your New Home

Posted by Moving Home Made Easy

When you’re moving house, it goes without saying that you will have lots of different things to organise and the lead up to getting the keys can be very stressful. Not only will you have a number of different legal conveyancing documents to sign, but you will also need to pack all of your belongings into boxes ready for moving day. Not to mention, you have to sort out everything that is too big to fit into boxes too.

It isn’t uncommon for pieces of furniture to cause quite a few problems when moving into a new home and they tend to be the biggest inconvenience on moving day. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way and there are a few things that you can do to help ensure that this day isn’t more manic than it already will be. So, to help anyone with a house move coming up, below are some useful tips for moving furniture into your new home. 

Always work with a furniture removal company 

The best thing you can do to reduce the stress moving pieces of furniture can cause is to work with a furniture removal company. The removal services they provide will make moving furniture into your new home much easier in general and you won’t have to worry about loading and unloading furniture into a van or going up and down the stairs with heavy pieces. A team of professional movers will take care of everything for you.

Disassemble everything you can in advance 

moving furniture into houseSome of the pieces of furniture that you own will probably be able to be disassembled fairly easily and it is always worthwhile taking apart anything that you can. Even if you’re only able to remove certain parts of some pieces, this can still make moving them more straightforward. Ideally, disassemble as much as you can before moving day so it will be one less thing you have to do in the morning. 

Keep all screws and bolts with the furniture 

When you disassemble pieces of furniture, save yourself a lot of unnecessary hassle by keeping all of the small pieces you removed together in a plastic bag. Ensure that this bag is then attached to the furniture in some way so that it won’t get lost during the move. Similarly, keep any required instructions in a safe place, this will make reassembling your furniture much easier in your new home. 

Don’t empty pieces that you don’t need to 

You may find when you work with a furniture removal company, you don’t actually need to completely empty all of your pieces of furniture. For example, things like a chest of drawers can often remain packed with light non-fragile items. So, always double-check with the moving company what you actually need to empty before moving day, this can make both packing and unpacking a lot quicker. 

Ensure you have plenty of packing materials

Contrary to popular belief, packing materials aren’t only required for the belongings that you’re putting into boxes and you should have a few essentials to hand when moving furniture into your new home. You can use things like bubble wrap to help protect smaller pieces or specially designed covers for larger pieces. It is always worthwhile getting some plastic floor protection too, this is something you’ll thank yourself for. 

Pre-plan exit routes for bulky furniture 

Before moving, take some time to measure your big pieces of furniture and pre-plan how you’re going to attempt to get them out of your house. Even if you’re working with a furniture removal company, knowing that pieces will fit through doorways and round corners can make moving day so much easier. Make a note of any bulky items that will likely be difficult to remove so they can be focused on by professionals. 

Finding a local furniture removal company 

Hopefully, when you’re planning how you’re going to get your furniture from A to B on moving day, the tips above will come in handy. It is fair to say that when you take all of these into consideration, your furniture won’t cause you any unnecessary stress on the day you pick up your keys and your move will be much smoother in general. So, make sure that you’re not leaving sorting your furniture until the very last minute. 

If you’re interested in using moving services and you’re looking for a furniture removal company, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Moving Home Made Easy. Our experienced team of furniture movers will ensure that your pieces of furniture are safely handled and delivered to your new home and customer satisfaction is paramount to us. You can have complete peace of mind knowing that we always use suitable packing materials, like protective transit blankets, too and you will never have to question our capabilities as an expert furniture removal company. 


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