5 Reasons Why You Should Book A Furniture Removal Company

Posted by Moving Home Made Easy


Whether you’re moving home or just picking up some new bedroom furniture, for example, you will have a couple of different options to consider. Unless you own a van that is big enough for pieces of furniture, you can either hire a van to drive yourself or enlist the help of a removal company and one of these options is much more beneficial than the other. 

Although you may save some money by just hiring a van, booking a furniture removal company is always a worthwhile expense. If you’ve been considering whether or not you really need the assistance of professional movers, keep reading today. Below we have highlighted five of the main reasons why you should always book a furniture removal company, especially when you’re moving bulky, awkwardly-shaped or heavy pieces of furniture. 

  • They will have lots of experience

Navigating around corners or down staircases whilst carrying pieces of furniture isn’t always easy and it’s likely you will need the help of an expert team to prevent any damage being caused to your walls or ceiling. A furniture removal company will have years of experience moving awkward pieces of furniture and they will know the best ways to get your furniture from one room to another. Ultimately, they will make the whole job seem much easier than it really is.

  • They know how to lift furniture correctly 

So many people injure themselves by lifting heavy pieces of furniture and lifting things incorrectly can result in you waking up with a backache or even worse, a trip to A&E. Of course, if some pieces are really heavy, you might not even be able to lift them at all. Simply booking a furniture removal company to help you move your furniture can prevent any problems in this regard. They will have the strength and know-how to move all of your pieces of furniture without injuring themselves.  

  • They will ensure your furniture is protected 

Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t just fragile items that need to be protected when you’re moving your belongings and it is essential to use things such as plastic protection and felt transit blankets. A furniture removal company will bring with them everything they need to ensure your furniture is protected in transit. You can rely on them to move your furniture from A to B without it getting damaged and they will have insurance in place to provide additional peace of mind too. 

  • They can speed up the whole process

When you hire a van and decide to move pieces of furniture yourself, it is likely that it will take you a fair amount of time to complete the job, especially if you have lots of different pieces spread across the house that need to be moved. An expert team of professional furniture movers will make light work of the job and they will ensure your furniture is moved as efficiently as possible. Often, instead of having to hire a van for a whole day, you can just book a furniture removal company for a few hours. 

  • They offer dismantling services 

It isn’t uncommon for furniture removal companies to offer additional services like dismantling services when you book their removal services. Their team will come prepared with various tools and equipment, enabling them to dismantle anything that is too big to fit through corridors or onto the van. They can even reassemble your furniture for you once it has been moved as well, simply let them know in advance if this is something you’re interested in.

Booking a furniture removal company

Ultimately, if you ever plan on moving pieces of furniture, it is always beneficial to book a team of experts to help you. If you’re looking for a company that can assist you with furniture removals in Irvine, be sure to contact our team at Moving Home Made Easy. We provide a first-class removal service to customers in central Scotland, and further afield when required, and we will gladly assist you with your furniture removal needs. 

You can book our removal services in confidence knowing that our fully-trained team is committed to providing the highest level of service during your move. We will expertly manage the collection, transportation and delivery of your furniture, and you can rely on us to treat your belongings with the utmost care. We always move furniture as if it was our own and we will do everything we can to prevent any damage from being caused. 


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