Making storage easy and affordable

Sometimes you just need more space. Perhaps is during a house move and you only need it for a short period, or maybe you have the need to store items for a longer term.

What ever your storage needs, we can help.

Providing secure storage facilities from our headquarters on the Southside of Glasgow.

Our mission is to:

Our storage facilities are secured by 24 hour CCTV and operated by a professional and dedicated storage manager. We offer customers a wide selection of convenient storage solutions, including personal effects, business storage, car and boat storage, in fact storage of almost anything.

Moving Into Storage

There are three main types of storage available that home owners have at their disposal.

With all of our storage solutions you have the flexibility to increase or decrease your storage space as your requirements change.

Example of self-storage units

Self Storage

Self-storage is best if you may want frequent access to your goods, as you are the only key holder and can basically come and go as you wish. Our self-storage units come in various sizes from a small unit of 20 square feet to upwards of 200 square feet. Units are priced in square feet floor space (i.e. length x width) and are generally 8 feet in height.
Example of a stack of wooden storage crates.

Wooden Container

Wooden container storage is different to self-storage and is recommended if you don’t need frequent access. Your goods are stored in individual wooden containers that are normally brought to your door. Our containers are approximately 7ft length x 5ft wide x 8ft height (250 cubic feet internally) in size.
Example of metal storage containers.

Metal Container

We have a wide range of lockable external container storage units available. They come in a variety of sizes to accommodate all your commercial storage needs. Ideal for businesses with lots of stock, rarely used equipment, archives, or that just need some more space. Our commercial storage solutions guarantees secure, modern, dry and clean storage.

Late Keys on Move Day

Fingers holding a key with the top part in the shape of a house.

Even with the best planning, sometimes the keys to your new home are delayed. If it’s a matter of hours then we can usually accommodate the delay. However if it’s longer then other solutions are needed.

We offer up to 7 days of free storage when it is not possible to move into your new home. When the keys become available then we can arrange for all of your possessions to be delivered to your new home. It should be noted that an additional moving fee will be payable.