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At Moving Home Made Easy we take great care of your possessions when they are in our care.

If you have used our packing service then our movers will have protected your fragile items, furniture, televisions and artwork to the highest standards.

In addition to all of these precautions you will have peace of mind knowing that when using our removal or storage services all of your possessions are fully insured.

Insurance cover is provided through Reason Global Insurance Ltd. Reason Global Insurance Ltd. is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Their registered number is 304381.

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Overview of Cover

Household Removals and Transit Limits

Customers Property Open Cover

  • £ 100,000 any one customer/any one job unless an increased figure is agreed by Underwriters and confirmed in writing.
  • £ 250,000 any one vehicle

Increased Customer Limits

Where an increased customer limit is required an additional premium is payable on the value declared in excess of the customer limit. The rates applicable to the excess value for household removals and storage are detailed below.

Storage Limits

Customers Property Open Cover

Any one loss

  • Location A – £ 250,000
  • Location B – £ 250,000
  • Any other Location – £ 75,000

Limits of Indemnity

  • Employers Liability – £ 10,000,000
  • Public Liability – £ 2,000,000
  • Products Liability – £ 2,000,000

Policy Excess

Insurers will not pay the first £100 of each customer’s claim. £50 payable by Customer and £50 payable via remover.

Consequential Loss

This insurance policy will not cover consequential losses arising from the delay, damage or non-delivery of your consignment.

Principal Exclusions

  • Jewellery, watches, precious stones, money, coins, bullion, deeds, bonds, securities and stamps of all kinds except whilst in store in a locked safe or strong room.
  • Furs, perfumery, tobacco, cigars, cigarettes, wines, mobile phones, spirits and explosives. It is agreed, however, that cover will be provided for these items where they are part of a household or office removal or storage contract subject to a limit of £10,000 any one customer, any one job.
  • Moth, insect or vermin unless from an external cause.
  • Leakage of liquid from a receptacle or container unless packed by the Remover.
  • Mechanical or electrical damage or derangement of any mechanical or electrical goods unless reasonably attributable to physical damage to such items from an external cause, or following fire, flood, collision or overturning of road vehicles or other conveyances.

Owner Packed Goods

This insurance policy DOES NOT COVER damages arising to owner packed goods. Also excludes claims for missing items from owner packed cartons or packages unless an itemised valued list of the contents of each carton or package is attached is attached to the Insurance Proposal form and forwarded to us prior to the commencement of the transit.

Deterioration, Wear And Tear, Inherent Vice, etc.

This insurance policy DOES NOT COVER loss or damage caused by gradual deterioration, wear and tear, atmospheric or climatic conditions (except where optional coverage for Mould and Mildew has been purchased), inherent vice, moth damage and loss of data.


Not Covered – quotations available on request.

Location A:
4C Burnfield Avenue, Glasgow, G46 7TL

Location B:
2 Glenburn Road, College Milton North, G74 5BA