Time for a clear out?

At Moving Home Made Easy we have a dedicated team who specialise in ecologically friendly home and rubbish clearance.

We clear all kinds of unwanted items with our professional disposal service, however big or small, from anywhere on your premises.

We provide a service which can clear out many areas in and around your home, including:

Full House Clearances

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Our House clearance service is a great way to take the stress out of clearing your home.

Whether you are clearing up after home improvements, preparing for a sale, letting out your home, or simply getting rid of some clutter, our house clearance service makes the job easy.

Our house clearance staff are well trained and experienced in house clearances.

They arrive on time and will collect, clear, load and dispose of all types of waste from any location in and around your home.

Lofts and Attics

Your loft or attic is often a space where anything and everything ends up. Out-of-date or broken electrical equipment that you should have thrown out ages ago, unwanted gifts, magazine collections, the list is endless. Let us help you clear out the junk and make space in your life.


Discover how rewarding it is to reclaim usable space. We will collect anything and everything that you may have put in your cellar. Simply let our team know what is to go they will load and dispose of it.


Garage clearance couldn’t be quicker or easier. Often your garage can become a space where everything ends up, why not see how cheap and easy clearing your junk can be! We collect and clear junk from all different types and sizes of garages.

Garden Rubbish

Garden rubbish clearance is a tiresome, time consuming job and can present quite a headache. Whether your garden is large or small, over-grown or landscaped, we will remove and dispose of all your garden waste. All of the garden waste will be dispose of at an authorised location.