Moving home can be a very stressful time, however we are here to help make the moving process easy.

This guide will take you through the steps that will happen before, during and after your home move.

Taking box to moving van.

Quick Summary

1. Enquiry

It all starts with a quote. Request a quote by:

  • Filling out a form
  • Requesting a home visit
  • Sending us a video survey, or
  • Calling us

2. Quote

We will send you our quote within 24 hours.

It will include any of the optional extras you may have requested.

We would be happy to make modifications to your quote as needed.

3. Booking

We will email you a quote which can review and discuss with us.

Your quote may mention optional extras, such as:

  • Packing service
  • Late Key Waiver
  • Dismantling and reassembly

4. Packing

You have the option to pack your possessions yourself or engage our professional packers to do a full pack or fragiles only pack.

We provide complimentary packing materials if you decide to self-pack.

5. Move Day

On move day the Team Leader will introduce himself and the rest of the moving team.

He will conduct a risk assessment and the team will install temporary protection for carpets, stairs, banisters and other areas.

6. During Your Move

All of your possessions will be carefully loaded onto our removal vehicles by a team of professional movers.

Your items will be fully insured while in transit to your new home.

7. Completion

Once all of your items have been placed into the rooms and locations that you specify our Team Leader will walk around with you to make sure that you are completely happy.

8. After Your Move

After you’ve unpacked the boxes we would be delighted to collect the packing materials you used.

This is part of our commitment to Reusing and Recycling.

Here are the steps with some more details and links.

Number 1


Your home move will start with requesting a quote from us. In order to produce this quote will will need to know about your move.

Home Visit

We will visit your home and discuss what items are to be included in your move.
Request a Home Visit

Removal Form

You will complete a form which provides information about your move.
Fill out Form

Video Survey

You record a video of your home and all of the items you would like moved.
Send Video Survey

Call to Discuss

If you have questions about moving then you can call us to discuss the options.
Call to Discuss
Number 2


We will email you our removal quote within 24 hours* and include any of the option extras that you’ve asked for.

Once you’ve had the opportunity to review our quote we would be happy to discuss the options and make modifications as needed.

Some of the optional extras that you can add are:

* May take a little longer if your quote request is received over the weekend.

Number 3


When you have decided to make a booking with us we would request that you confirm the options you would like to go ahead with.

We will then send you a Booking Confirmation document which we will ask you to sign. This is an easy process and can be completed using your smartphone or other suitable device.

Number 4


When preparing and packing your possessions for your move, you have a few options.

Full Professional Pack

We will professionally pack all of your possessions and ensure that they are fully protected for the move.

Full Fragiles Only Pack

We will professionally pack only the fragile items, leaving you to pack up all of your other possessions.


You will pack and protect all of your possessions, ready for the move. Remember to mark all of the boxes so that our men can place them in the correct rooms.

Professional Packing – Schedule

For medium and large moves packing is done on the day or days before your move day. It may even be possible to pre-load some of your possessions in order to make move day easier.

Number 5

Move Day

When we arrive at your home, the team leader will introduce himself and the team. He’s there to ensure that everything runs smoothly, so please don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Moving Team

A sufficient sized group of crew to cover your removal will be placed on your job to ensure a smooth move.

Meet the Crew

The team leader will introduce himself and the rest of the crew.

Risk Assessment

Team leader will carry out a risk assessment prior to starting.

Protect Your Home

We will install temporary protection on carpets, stairs, bannisters and in other appropriate locations.
Number 6

During Your Move

The crew will ensure all goods are carefully loaded onto our bespoke removal vehicles.

Specialist Vehicles

We will use vehicles from our fleet that are appropriate to your move. This enables us to select smaller vehicles if access to your property is tight.

Fully Insured

While your goods are in transit they are fully covered by our insurance.
Number 7


All of your possessions will be placed into the rooms and locations that you specify. Our Team Leader will walk around with you to ensure that you are completely happy.

Number 8

After Your Move

After we’ve moved all of your possessions and you are settling into your new home we would love to hear from you about your experience.

Packing Materials Collection

After you've had time to unload the boxes we would be delighted to collect the packing materials from you. This service is normally only if you are within 5 miles of our head office, however we are committed to collecting the materials from further afield when we can.


We welcome feedback about your move experience and will ask you to fill out a short form after your move.


When choosing us for your removal you may have found the reviews from other happy customers to be useful. We would be delighted if you would add a review to one of the popular reviews sites.