Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a number of questions that you may have about moving internationally.

We provide answers to each question, however if your question is not there or you need more information, then please get in touch with us.

Container ship at sea

It is never too early to contact a removal company when you are planning an overseas move. Moving Home Made Easy recommend you begin your search at least 10-12 weeks prior to your move abroad; however, some people start their search as soon as 12 months before. It is important not to leave it until the last minute, which could result in hasty decisions. Ask for a brochure or specific customs information for the country you are moving to. Alternatively, you can obtain an online quote of this website or ask for one of our self-survey forms to be sent.

Please call our free phone national number 0800 055 6669 or email us at

The cost of your international removal is based on the volume of goods you would like to ship, the freight rate for your particular destination and what packing requirements are needed (ease of access etc.). To accurately assess the volume a full survey of your property is carried out by one of our International Moving Consultants. This is also an opportunity to discuss your individual requirements and ask any questions you may have about your international move. If you know your volume or have already had a quote from another moving company, why not compare on our online quote calculator. If the destination is not there just email us with the details of your quote and we will see if we can match or better that quotation.

The transit time of an ocean shipment depends on the port of departure and port of arrival for full container loads. Vessel sailings are regularly scheduled and Moving Home Made Easy can provide estimated sailing departure dates. Please understand that the departure dates are estimated; the actual departure can occur a few days earlier or later than scheduled. For shipments being sent on a shared load basis Moving Home Made Easy will include with your international removal quote an estimated transit time for your particular destination. Please ask our surveyor at the time of survey for details on type of shipments available and transit times.

Customs regulations are unfortunately subject to frequent change and, regrettably, such changes are not always publicised Moving Home Made Easy endeavour to provide the most up-to-date customs information available, from a wide variety of different sources, including Customs Services themselves and industry and trade association, such as FIDI. Nevertheless, it is impossible to guarantee the accuracy of the information provided as customs rules and regulations, together with duty and tax rates, documentation and forms can, and do, change overnight. Moving Home Made Easy endeavour to supply all the relevant forms required. However, it is the individual’s responsibility to ensure sure that they have the correct documentation for their personal situation.

In most cases your shipment, if it is a sole use-container, will be delivered to your new residence unopened. In some countries, for example Australia, all containers are unloaded for quarantine inspection. This is always carried out under the strict control of our destination partners. Customs officials reserve the right to inspect goods anywhere in the world, at their discretion; therefore, inspections are beyond our control.

Most destination countries require you to be in that country while your effects clear customs. However, there are some exceptions – your Move Manager will be able to advise you.

You are entitled to a full VAT refund on most new household purchases if you are: MORE

FAIM was developed by FIDI (International Federation of International Movers) in 1997 and is now the industry’s leading quality standard for international moving companies. FAIM certification provides peace of mind for customers as it covers every aspect of the international moving process.

All Moving Home Made Easy agents are members of FIDI, BAR Overseas, and or HHGFAA. Moving Home Made Easy has sought to develop a comprehensive network of overseas agents based on their quality of service and experience. The agent will clear your effects through customs and liase with you regarding delivery or storage if required. It is important to make contact with the agent upon arrival at destination.

It is important that you check out the background and credentials of the international removal companies who quote on your international move. It is vital to ensure that your chosen international removal company has relevant experience, and has appropriate links with foreign movers as it is the foreign mover who will supply at least 40% of the service.

In general, you should think about what it would cost to replace your household goods and personal effects in the country of destination. A good source of information will be the local press in that country, especially with regard to high value items like motor vehicles. Cost of living data may also be obtainable from that country’s embassy. You should also look at your existing household policy as a guide. When completing your proposal form please be as detailed as possible. Remember to include specific individual items that have a high replacement cost; it’s best to give as much information as possible. Also remember that although every care is taken your effects will be travelling a long way and also may be subject to customs examination/quarantine which can increase the risk.

Moving Home Made Easy can provide comprehensive insurance cover for your household and personal effects during your domestic or international move. The insurance cover we offer is at competitive rates and excellent back up, so that in the unlikely event of a claim settlement can usually be dealt with promptly.

No the cover and the ongoing services is not the same – MORE

For a full list of prohibited items, it is advisable to apply to the Customs authority for a ruling in the importing country or their overseas representative such as the embassy or consular office. Most countries prohibit or restrict importation of the following items: MORE

If you book your shipment as a door-to-door move then all charges, including customs clearance charges and local delivery to your residence (with normal access, not above first floor level), will be included in the estimate that’s given to you. However, you will still be responsible for any duty or tax that is raised on your shipment by Customs. There may also be further exclusions, which will be set out in our estimate as these vary depending on the destination. These include quarantine examination and inspection fees, wharfage fees in some instances and any rent / demurrage that may be incurred.

The Moving Home Made Easy Sales & Service Representatives can advise on all aspects of your move overseas such as route and transport options, costs, packing requirements, crating, transit times, shipment protection, unpacking, customs requirements and storage at origin or destination. Our representative will discuss in detail the different shipping/air freight options available to your overseas destination, and will make an estimate of the volume and if possible the weight of your consignment. They will also discuss the various paperwork and Customs documentation required. They will give you information regarding our office or agent who will deliver your possessions from the port of arrival to your new residence overseas, together with general advice on your move.

The majority of our agents are members of FIDI, BAR Overseas, and/or HHGFAA. Moving Home Made Easy has sought to develop a comprehensive network of overseas agents based on their quality of service and experience. The agent details will be given to you at the time of quotation.

When moving overseas you have a number of service options available to you. You may select a service based on the price, transit time, method of containerisation, routing consolidation opportunities- sea or air freight, port of exit, etc. The cost of each option will determines the amount you’ll pay. Our surveyor will be able to give you advice on all these aspects of your international move.

There are several factors which help to determine which is the best option, such as the value of the items in question at destination compared with the saleable value at the point of origin, their size, and the overall volume of your shipment. Moving Home Made Easy representatives will be pleased to offer guidance.

There is no substitute for planning and preparation for an international move. As soon as you know that you’re going to be moving overseas contact Moving Home Made Easy. As you approach moving day think about which items you will need for your journey- specifically travel papers, immediate clothing, passports, medical documentation and records, family papers, valuables, jewellery, medicines, school reports, etc. Moving Home Made Easy can provide a variety of host country information including destination guides and country facts sheets, together with detailed Customs rules and regulations.

Moving Home Made Easy recommends where possible that you give a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks’ notice, although if this is not possible we will endeavour to meet your requirements. Ideally, as soon as you know when you want to move you should confirm dates with us.

Removal costs are exempt from VAT if the ultimate destination is outside the EU. VAT applies at the current UK rate if you are relocating within the EU.

Moving Home Made Easy ask for payment prior to collection for groupage or part load consignments. For full container loads we require payment in advance of booking the container.

Moving Home Made Easy offer a worldwide service to any destination. Moving Home Made Easy also have regular groupage services to Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Dubai, Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Capetown, Durban, and Limassol. Also from the above destination Moving Home Made Easy can ship to inland destinations in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Cyprus and South Africa. When relocating to any inland destination please complete our international moving form and we will supply a door to door quote.

Yes, both at the point of origin and at the destination. If you require secure storage for moving we offer discounted rates for consignments Moving Home Made Easy are shipping overseas. Moving Home Made Easy are able to offer highly competitive rates to suit individual requirements.

If you wish to pack yourself Moving Home Made Easy will provide you with all the packaging materials you need. We do however strongly recommend that you take advantage of our professional packing service; we employ highly qualified staff to perform this skilled task. It is important however that a full list of contents of the packed cartons is provided, as this will be needed by customs at destination. Many of our clients often wish to pack a few personal items themselves. Cartons and packing materials can be delivered to you in advance of the removal so that this can be done at your leisure.

Moving Home Made Easy employs its own full time carpenters who can build high protection crates for any items that you may be concerned about. From artwork, grandfather clocks, vases to motorcycles we can crate anything. We also have a large range of specialist packing materials such as acid free tissue, cushion wrap, card wrap etc. Family Visas for Australia.