Choosing Which Home Removal Services To Book

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It is fair to say that moving home isn’t always a straightforward process and moving the entire contents of one property to another takes careful planning. The vast majority of homeowners will book home removal services to make moving day much easier for them and there is no denying that there are a number of benefits to doing so. Thankfully, nowadays, there are a number of different home removal services to choose from too. 

Whilst some decisions, such as whether you need a local, national or international removal service, will be determined by the location of your new property, you will be able to choose which other removal services you require. If you’ve never used a moving company before and you’re unsure as to what is available to you in this regard, keep reading today. Below is some more information about commonly sought after home removal services. 

Home removal services 

When it comes to removal services, you usually have a few options to choose from. Of course, the size of the van you need will depend on the size of your property and the amount you’re needing to move, however, in order to get a removals quote for the service you require, you can choose between these options;

  • Home visit removal – Often, this is the preferred method for removal teams. Essentially, a move manager will come to your home and survey the items that you would like included in your move themself.
  • Standard home move – Although a home visit is preferred in order to provide an accurate quote, you do have the option to list the items you would like included in your move yourself. You can then send this to the removal company for approval. 

Packing services 

As well as the main home removal services mentioned above, lots of professional removal companies also offer packing services. There is a range of different services available, so it is easy to find something that meets your individual needs. If you require this additional help, you have the following options;

  • Full packing service – On the morning of moving day, a team of skilled packers will arrive with packing materials and pack everything for you prior to commencement of loading. They can take care of the vast majority of items. 
  • Fragile packing service – Should you only require your fragile items professionally packed, then this is something a removal firm can do for you. Essentially, anything that is delicate and breakable will be packed by them. 
  • Non-fragile packing service – If you’d prefer to pack fragile items yourself, a removal team can pack your non-fragile items instead. This covers things like DVD’s, books, clothes, shoes and cooking utensils. 
  • Unpacking service – You will also be able to get both a part or full unpacking service where professional house movers will also help at your new property too. They can make the settling in process a little bit quicker. 
  • Supplying packing materials – If you would prefer to pack yourself, you can purchase a range of packing materials from a removal company. They can then deliver these to you at a convenient time. 

Storage services 

Some removal companies will also be able to provide you with storage services too. Should you need to place any household items into either short or long-term storage then they will be able to handle this for you, meaning you don’t have to use multiple different companies. Your options for this home removal service include; 

  • Self-storage – This type of storage enables you to have frequent access to your items and you will be able to come and go as you wish. With varying sized units available, there is something suitable for everyone.
  • Container storage – When you don’t need access to your items, they can be stored in individual containers. As soon as you do need your items, they can then be brought to your door in the container for you to unpack. 

Booking home removal services

Hopefully, you will now know more about the different home removal services that are commonly offered to people when they move house. It goes without saying that they are all beneficial, but now that you know what’s available, you can decide which would be most useful to you. Of course, if you have any questions at all about any of these moving services, it is beneficial to reach out to an experienced company for further information. 

Here at Moving Home Made Easy, we offer all of the services mentioned above and we will gladly discuss them with you in more detail. Our friendly experienced team will be able to provide you with their professional option regarding which will be most suitable for your individual needs and they can provide you with any quotes you require in this regard too. We look forward to assisting you in any way we’re able to. 

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