Get a Removals Quote

There are three ways to get a Moving Home Made Easy removals quote.

Please select from one of the following options:

Home Visit

Home Visit Survey

By requesting a home visit you will be able to show a move manager all the items that you would like included in your move. A quote for all of your packing, storage and moving needs will then be sent to you for approval.

Small Move

Small Move

In order to ensure our quote is accurate we prefer to conduct a home visit, however if that isn’t possible and you have a small move, then simply complete a short form and we will send an estimate out to you within 24 hours.

Standard Move

Standard Move

If you have a larger move, then there is a little bit more to fill in, however once we receive your request we will review your requirements and send out an estimate to you within 24 hours.

If a move manager visits your home, please make sure that they are shown everything that is to be moved.  If you list the items to be moved, then please ensure that everything is included.

If additional items are added during the move then it is likely that the cost of your move will increase.

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