Preparing Your Furniture For Short Or Long Term Storage

Posted by Moving Home Made Easy

Whether you’re renovating your home, moving back from university or currently in-between properties, there is no denying that furniture storage units can be incredibly beneficial. Having a secure place to store your furniture when you don’t really have room for it in your home can make life much easier and it will prevent you from having to squeeze different pieces into your spare rooms or having random pieces in your main living spaces.

With so many different sized storage units available nowadays it is easier than ever before to arrange both short and long term storage for furniture. However, when it comes to putting these larger items into storage, it is undeniably important to ensure that you’re properly preparing them and adequately protecting them for their time in the storage space. So, below are some storage tips to help you ensure that you’re storing your furniture correctly.

Give all of the furniture a good clean

detatched houseIt can be easy to overlook, but before you move pieces of furniture into storage, ensure that you’ve cleaned them. Not only will this help to reduce the amount of cleaning required after storing the furniture, but it will also help to prevent anything that was left on the pieces from causing damage when they’re sitting in storage for a long time. Always check the furniture is completely dry before putting it into storage as well to prevent things like the growth of mould.

Disassemble anything that you can

Some pieces that you’re wanting to store will be able to be taken apart and this is something you should do whenever possible. Even if your unit size is able to accommodate the full piece of furniture, disassembling it will help to prevent it from getting damaged whilst in storage and taking disassembled furniture to the storage facility will be much easier as well. Just make sure that you don’t lose any screws or bolts and consider keeping these in the storage unit too.

Wrap the furniture with packing materials

The same way you would when moving house, it is essential to make sure that you’re using packing materials when putting your furniture into storage. Use things like packing paper and bubble wrap to protect smaller and fragile items, and use things like plastic covers to protect the larger pieces. When you use proper packing materials, you can ensure that everything will make it to the storage unit in one piece and it will remain protected for the whole time it’s in storage.

Arrange insurance cover for your furniture

Often, no matter what storage facility you choose, your pieces of furniture won’t automatically be covered by insurance. So, before you move anything into the storage unit, make sure that you’re arranging the required insurance cover and also added extras such as fire cover too. The storage company may be able to help you with this and if you’re unsure what type of insurance you need, don’t hesitate to ask them for more information in this regard.

Put the pieces into the storage unit methodically

When it comes to actually putting the furniture into the storage space, you need to make sure that you’re doing so in a systematic order. Ideally, ensure that you’re easily able to access any pieces that you might need whilst your furniture is in storage and carefully consider what is being put towards the back of the unit. To make things much easier for yourself in general, if you’re able to, leave a pathway so that you can move around the unit too.

Arranging short or long term storage for furniture

No matter what your reasons may be for needing to put some pieces of furniture into storage, hopefully, the information above will come in handy. Taking the time to ensure that you have properly prepared your furniture for storage, even if it is only going to be in the storage unit short term, is always worthwhile and you can guarantee that it is something you will thank yourself for doing in the long run.

When searching for suitable storage for your furniture, be sure to contact the Moving Home Made Easy team. We offer a range of flexible storage services and we will gladly store various items of furniture for different periods of time in line with your individual requirements. With both self-storage units and container storage available, you can trust that we will have the perfect storage solution for you.

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