Tips for moving house with young children


Before moving

The more time you can give your child to come to terms with the idea of moving the better, so try to tell them as early as possible. The chances are they’ll feel mixed emotions; they will probably think about all the things that they will miss (i.e. friends, school, local football team etc), so make sure to let them know that they will be able to come back and visit. Also try to remind them of all the positives that will come from the move.

It may be a good idea to research your new area with your child so that they can get excited about all of the opportunities there. You should also consider visiting the new area a few times in order to familiarise them with their new home before the move itself.

During the process

The packing and de-cluttering process is a great opportunity for you involve your children in the move and give them a sense of control. Seeing their things being packed away may upset the children, so if possible, we recommend giving each child their owns box to fill with their favourite belongings.

If you have young children, try to pack their favourite toys as late as possible. This will help them to maintain a sense of comfort on the lead up to the move.

Make sure you welcome any questions from your children about the move, and walk them through what will happen on the day of the move.

Something which is often overlooked but would help you and your kids settle into your new home a lot quicker is a good homemade meal. So, in the couple of days before move day, make your children’s favourite meal and freeze it to enjoy on the first night in your new house.

Move day

Try your best to keep your children out of the house on move day, as seeing everything being taken away could unsettle them, and they may hinder the work of the removal men. If you can’t organise for somebody else to look after them, then you may want to keep them in a dedicated room for as much of the process as possible and ask the removal men to work on that room last.

Upon moving into your new home, try to setup your children’s rooms first as this will give them a place to relax. Also, try to position furniture similar to how it was in your previous home to help them feel at home quicker.

During the move, try your best to remain calm and composed as your children will look to you for guidance and will feed off of your emotions. You could also play your children’s favourite songs throughout the move to keep them calm.

Settling in

Aim to keep your routine the same as it was in your old home (i.e. have meals and go to bed at the same time). Doing so will help them to regain a sense of structure and routine and help them to settle in wicker.

Don’t be surprised if your children behave slightly differently after the move, this is completely normal. Just encourage them to meet new people and make new friends as soon as possible. One way to do this is by attending clubs and, obviously, school.

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