Top Tips For Your Winter House Move

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holding keys to a new home

Now that winter is just around the corner, if you are close to completing on your new house it is highly likely that you will end up moving during the most unpredictable time of the year weather-wise. It is fair to say that moving home can be stressful enough without the added hassle of having to navigate rain, wind and potentially even snow. 

Moving house any time from December through to March doesn’t have to be a traumatic experience though and thankfully, when you’re extra cautious and put a suitable plan in place, your move can still go smoothly. So, to help anyone who thinks their house move is likely to be during the winter months this year, below we have put together some useful tips that can help to prevent any added stress on moving day. 

Use high-quality packing materials 

Whilst you should always use quality packing materials regardless of when you’re moving house, this is even more important in the winter. For example, using flimsy cardboard boxes when it’s raining outside will likely result in them breaking during the move. Due to the increased likelihood of bad weather, it is recommended that you use plastic covers for fabric items like your sofas and mattresses as well. 

Lay protective sheets in your new house 

The last thing you want when you’re moving into a new house is muddy and wet footprints all over the carpet, especially if it’s a new build. Make sure you purchase some plastic floor protection for areas like the hallway and landing that will frequently be walked through on moving day to help prevent stains on your flooring. 

Hire a house moving company 

During the winter months, it can start to get dark outside from as early as mid-afternoon, so it’s highly recommended that you enlist the help of a house moving company. They can speed things up significantly on moving day and help you to get the removal van unpacked before it gets dark outside. There are multiple other benefits associated with professional removals services too, so they’re always worth paying for. 

Clear and grit any outdoor paths 

To reduce the likelihood of slips and trips on moving day, make sure you’re preparing the paths outside both your old and new house. Clearing the paths is absolutely essential if it has been snowing and even if you don’t think it’s that icy underfoot, you will thank yourself for gritting any walkways. Safety is always of the utmost importance when moving house. 

Don’t pack your waterproof jackets 

When you’re packing all of your belongings during the lead up to the move, make sure you think about what you’re going to wear on moving day. Ideally, you should wear lots of layers that are both easy to move in and also take off should you get too warm. Of course, having a waterproof outer layer is really useful too, especially if it rains the whole day. 

Have a couple of torches to hand 

Due to the fact that it gets dark so early in the winter, purchasing a couple of torches is always worthwhile for your house move. These will be particularly useful if there aren’t any outdoor lights at your new house and it’s taking longer than you anticipated to unload the removal van. You might want to have a couple of spare light bulbs to hand for the indoor lights too, just in case they’re needed. 

Ensure you know which box your kettle is in

Labelling your boxes is something that all professional packers will recommend and when doing so, you might want to make a note of which ‘kitchen’ box contains your kettle. You will be grateful for a cup of tea when it’s freezing outside to help warm you up. Don’t forget to stop at a shop for a pint of milk if you’ve already cleared out your old fridge too. 

Finding local house moving companies 

Hopefully, if you’re going to be moving house this winter, the tips above will help to make moving day as stress-free as possible. Although the cold winter months might not be the most ideal time of year for a house move, planning ahead for all likely eventualities will prevent anything from ruining moving day so you can have a smooth and enjoyable move. 

If you’d like the professional assistance of a house moving company, be sure to get in touch with our removal team here at Moving Home Made Easy. We provide both local and national moving services, and we will gladly assist you on moving day. We pride ourselves on our first-class reputation and we always ensure the highest level of customer care is placed on each individual customer’s move process. Regardless of how much support and assistance you need with your house move, we can assure you that you will be in the very best hands when you enlist our help. 


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