Ways to Reduce Your Home Removal Costs

Posted by Moving Home Made Easy

The costs associated with moving home can quickly add up. From saving for a house deposit and paying estate agent fees to getting professional mortgage advice and paying for surveys, there are several things to bear in mind when you’re budgeting for your move. With so many costs to consider, it’s no surprise that lots of homeowners want to reduce their removal costs in an attempt to make their home move less expensive. 

There are several benefits associated with hiring a removal company and this is something that many don’t want to compromise on. Thankfully, with some careful planning and preparation, you can make professional removal services more affordable. In addition to comparing quotes from a few local removal firms to find the best deal, the following can help you to reduce your home removal costs; 

Get rid of any unwanted items

Before you request quotes from removal companies, it can be beneficial to declutter your home. Generally, removal quotes are based on the number of items you require moving and the more you have to move, the more removal services will cost. Simply throwing away, recycling or donating some of the things you no longer need can help to reduce the cost of your move. 

Of course, when you declutter, you will have the opportunity to sell some of your unwanted items too. Anything that is still in good condition can be sold online via a range of second-hand marketplaces, so you can make some money to cover the cost of moving services.

Pack some items yourself

There are several moving services available to book, including packing services. For many, these services are incredibly useful and they can make the lead-up to moving day much less stressful. Often, removal companies will offer a few different packing options and some will be more affordable than others. If you’re trying to reduce home removal costs, instead of booking a full packing service, you could opt for a fragile packing service, for example. We would suggest that you check whether packing materials are included in the quotes you receive too. 

Look for discounts

It isn’t uncommon for local removal companies to offer discounts to homeowners at different times of the year and you should keep an eye out for these. Many will offer money off moving costs during their quieter periods, like the winter months, and you may be able to take advantage of this if you book your removal services weeks in advance. Most removal firms will put their discounts on their website, but if you can’t see anything, don’t hesitate to ask about current promotions when you request a quote. 

Check for any additional costs 

Comparing removal companies’ quotes can be very difficult if they aren’t all-inclusive. You may find that some companies charge extra for things like standard insurance cover and this can have a big impact on how much your move costs. Ideally, you should try to find a reliable removal company that doesn’t charge extra for things such as; delays on moving day and unexpected date changes. This way, you can have peace of mind when booking knowing there won’t be any additional costs for you to pay. 

Strategically choose your move date 

Generally speaking, moving during the winter months or ‘off-peak’ months can save you money. This is because removal companies have less demand during these periods, so they tend to reduce the cost of their removal services. Similarly, moving on a weekday is often cheaper than moving at the weekend or on a bank holiday. So, if possible, try to arrange for your moving day for a date that will be less expensive to book removal services for. 

Get a house removal quote today 

If you’re moving house and searching for local moving companies, get in touch with us at Moving Home Made Easy. We can provide you with a comprehensive removal quote and discuss your move with you in more detail, exploring a few different ways that we can help to keep your overall moving costs down. 

We understand that moving home is expensive and we now offer an additional removal service to help anyone moving on a tight budget. We can provide you with a removals van and one of our trained professionals to assist you with your move, and prices for this stripped-back service start from as little as £50 per hour. If you have family and friends on hand to help with your move, this service could be right for you. 


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