Which Rooms You Should Pack First And Last When Moving Home

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Packing up every room in your home is undeniably one of the biggest chores when you’re moving property and it’s fair to say that it is something homeowners will try to put off until the very last minute. However, packing usually takes longer than you think it will and ideally, you should give yourself a couple of weeks to ensure that packing isn’t made even more stressful by added time pressure.

Of course, if you start packing in the wrong rooms, this can make it very difficult to find the essentials that you need on a daily basis. So, it is always important to think strategically when you start filling boxes. If you’ve never moved home before and you’re wondering where the best place to start is, then we’re here to help. Below we offer advice about which rooms you should pack first and which rooms you’re much better off leaving till last.

packing boxesRooms to pack first

As you may expect, when packing you’re always best to start with the rooms that you don’t use as frequently and this will help to prevent boxes from becoming as much of an inconvenience.

So, start with rooms like;

Spare bedrooms

These are all spaces that often aren’t considered to be essential and packing them first will get a big chunk of your packing done without resulting in you having to live out of boxes. Once you’ve packed these rooms, leave the packed boxes in the empty spaces too, this will prevent you from having to live surrounded by boxes as well.

You may find that it’s useful to start packing up some of the bigger rooms that are going to be the hardest to pack, like the living room and the kitchen, quite early on too. However, think carefully about what you’re going to pack and ensure that you’re not putting things that you use on a daily basis into the bottom of boxes.

Rooms to pack last

There are a few rooms that you will want to avoid packing until a couple of days before moving day, if not the day before. Generally speaking, these rooms are;

Master bedroom
Children’s bedrooms
Home office

Of course, these are rooms that you will use every day and packing them up will just result in things being unpacked and repacked numerous times because they are still needed. These are all also spaces that you will want to keep functional for as long as you possibly can, so when you do start packing them, ensure that you’re starting with the things you use the least.

You may find that items from rooms like the kitchen and bathroom, in particular, need to be left in a separate box that will become your moving day ‘survival kit’. You will then know exactly where they are and you will be able to get to them with ease should you need them.

Packing everything on moving day

The thought of packing everything on moving day might fill you with dread, but it can sometimes be the easiest and best option available. Whilst you wouldn’t want to attempt this massive feat independently, you can book removal services that include a full-packing service so you will have plenty of hands to help you.

By packing all of the rooms in your home on moving day with the help of professional movers, you won’t have the hassle of deciding which rooms you’re going to pack first and what items you’re able to live without whilst they are in taped up boxes.

Using removal services in Scotland

When you’re getting ready for moving day and you’re starting to tackle the big task of packing up your home, hopefully, the information above will be beneficial. It goes without saying that it makes sense to pack some rooms before others and you will definitely thank yourself for leaving certain rooms until the last minute. It is worthwhile exploring professional packing services too and there is no denying that they can be incredibly helpful.

When you’re looking into different removal services in Scotland, make sure you consider Moving Home Made Easy. We are an experienced removals company and we offer a brilliant range of packing services, removal services and storage services. If you’re interested in booking a team of professional packers to help you get your home packed into boxes, you can trust that you will be in the best hands with our experts and you can have peace of mind knowing that they will treat your belongings with the utmost care.

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