Guide to Finding a Pet-Friendly Property

Posted by David Reed

pet friendly propertyFinding a rental property that welcomes pets is no easy task. Letting agencies can be of no help, and landlords are still prone to enforcing a “no pet”.

Despite this, we’ve compiled a list of our best tips and tricks to find yourself a home for both you and your little friend(s).

Give yourself time

The last thing you (or your pet) want is to be stressed out looking for somewhere to move to at the very last minute. 

So start your house-hunting early to ensure you have plenty of time to find a suitable new home.

Provide Important Info about your Pet

Document all the relevant information that may help to set your landlord’s mind at rest that you are a careful pet owner: Veterinary practice, history, emergency care contact, record of vaccinations.

Also do your best to get a pet reference from your previous landlord – or even your veterinary practice if that doesn’t work – to set your prospective landlord’s mind straight that he/she has nothing to worry about.

Introduce your pet to your landlord

Another way to put your potential landlord’s mind at ease is to have them meet your pet in advance, although this is really only relevant with dogs.

Once the landlord has met your dog they can see how your animal interacts with strangers and how well behaved they are. If you’re comfortable doing so, you could invite the landlord to your current home to prove you’re a responsible tenant and your pet has a good nature.

Be Flexible

Be willing to pay a higher deposit to cover the costs of any pet-related damage or disturbances, and offer to pay for the property to be professionally cleaned at the end of your stay to remove any dirt, odours or pet hairs which may remain. 

Don’t Hide It

Always be upfront with your landlord about keeping pets in a property.

Introducing a pet without permission or putting your landlord under pressure to allow a pet once you have moved in will almost certainly lead to hostility, and may well lead you to find yourself in a world of bother, especially if you’re in breach of the contract, in which case it will be be grounds for eviction.

Filtered Online Listing

Lastly, below we have listed 3 online sites where you can search for rental properties which allow pets:

Zoopla has a pet-friendly property filter. How to search: Search for a property and then click on the ‘Filter Results’ button. If there are pet-friendly properties to rent in your search area, a ‘Pets Allowed’ tick box will be displayed under ‘Letting Type’.  

OpenRent is an online letting agency. To make the process of finding a property easier for tenants, they have added a pet-friendly filter to their website. How to search: Once you have searched for your chosen location, click on the ‘Advanced Search Options’ button. You can then select the ‘Accepts pets’ filter.  

SpareRoom is the UK’s largest flatshare website. Their website allows you to search for a room in a property that allows pets. How to search: Click on the Advanced Search link and tick the ‘Pets Considered’ box

To Summarise

If you’re open about your intentions, prepared to prove your case, and willing to be flexible, you should have no real issue finding a great home to live in with your pet!

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